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“Unlocking The Six Senses” Essential Oil Blending Course

“Unlocking The Six Senses” Essential Oil Blending Course
“Unlocking The Six Senses” Essential Oil Blending Course

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About the event

"Unlocking The Six Senses” Essential Oil Blending Course

DURATION: Three hours


INQUIRY & REGISTRATION: WhatsApp +6019-914 1217

COURSE HIGHLIGHTS: From Nothing to Something, From Abstract to Concrete.

This is an essential oil blending class without formulas or lengthy theories; everything starts from the “six senses". When our senses are fully open and integrated into one, we can return to our own intuition. Continuous inspiration emerges, bringing forth the richness of the subconscious, emotions, inner imagination, etc. Through hands-on blending, unique scents are created one after another. Anyone who can return to inspiration can be a scent designer, creating scents formulas that are uniquely theirs.

Teacher Carol will teach you:

1. Introduction - Open up your sense of smell, taste, sight, hearing, and touch sensitivity, allowing you to return to a state of intuitiveness and enabling you to freely blend scent

2. Smelling - Identify different levels of essential oil aromas.

3. Smelling - Select high-quality essential oils.

4. Integration - Connect and integrate the senses and intuitive sensations, unify with oneself, and enter the scent blending state.

5. Integration - Establish essential oil blending concepts and directions to connect human thoughts, ideas, and essential oils seamlessly.

6. Blending - Master essential oil blending techniques, hands-on blending experience - turn concepts into your unique formulated essential oils.

Participants in the course will receive:

1. A very practical essential oil blending book.

2. Carol's unique essential oil blending methods, mastering blending techniques; participants will have their own creative formulated essential oils.

3. 10 bottles of single essential oils (for participants' blending use).

4. A certificate of participation designed by Louise Design for essential oil blending class students.

5. 10% discount on the purchase of Carol's Scent Essential Oil Blend and single blend essential oils used in blending.



學費:RM 890

詢問与報名方式:WhatsApp +6019-914 1217

課程特點: 從無到有,從虛到實。



入門 - 打開嗅覺、味覺、視覺、聽覺、觸覺敏感度,回到直覺自由調香

2. 聞香 - 辨識不同層次精油氣味

3. 聞香 - 挑選優質精油

4. 整合 - 連結 & 整合五個感官與直覺感受(五感六覺),與自我合一,進入調香狀態

5. 整合 - 設定調香概念与方向,把人的心念、意念與精油連結

6. 調香 - 掌握調香心法,動手調香 - 把概念創造成自己的獨特配方精油


1. 一本非常實用調香書。

2. Carol傳授獨有的調香方式,掌握調香心法、手法,學員將擁有自己獨創配方的精油。

3. 10瓶單方精油(供學員調香用途)。

4. 一張 Louise Design 為調香課學生畫製的參與證書。

5. 獲10%折扣於購買Carol's Scent Essential Oil Blend 和調香所使用的單方精油。


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    +RM 22.25 service fee


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