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Italian Herbs Aroma

Aeolus is the god of the wind in Greek mythology, he is capable of controlling the wind and traversing across different spaces. When Carol blends its fragrance, she uses Sweet Marjoram as the main ingredient. The top notes carry a faint scent of lime, while the middle notes are the mixtures of up to six Western spices, including Dill Weed, Rosemary, and Wild Marjoram. These combinations surprisingly bring out a rich and layered scent which at the same time carries a refreshing breeze. Once all nine essential oils are mixed together, they create a scent that can only be experienced in a traditional Italian restaurant which is crafted with wood. Aeolus seems to evoke memories of Christmas dinners, where the enticing aroma of spiced dishes fills the table. At that joyful moment, the environment filled with lovely conversations, creating a warm and loving atmosphere. The scent of this spice is like stepping into a lush environment, smelling the wind and the fragrance of wood, and seeing the swaying trees.


Aeolus Perfume Oil

  • Aeolus is particularly suitable for diffusing during gatherings, events, moments of quiet reflection, meditation, and spiritual practices. Its scent has the ability to help individuals focus on the present moment, allowing enjoy and live at the moment



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