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Fruity and Citrus Aroma

The creative conceptualization behind Blessing Essential Oil is inspired by the traditional practice of spreading blessings and joy from house to house during Christmas, known as a "Christmas Carol". Therefore, this is also one of the scents that Carol has carefully crafted in order to align perfectly with the Carol’s Scent brand concept, i.e. through the aroma of Carol’s Scent, customers can experience positive energy and blessings. Blessing is infused with rich scents of Sweet Orange and Bergamot, creating a delightful and blissful scent that brings joy and happiness to those who inhale it.

Blessing祝福精油的創作概念,來自於聖誕節時到家家戶戶快樂歌頌傳送祝福的傳統,英文稱之為Christmas Carol。因此,這也是Carol為Carol's Scent 調配其中一個最符合品牌意義的香氣,即透過Carol’s Scent的香氣為客戶帶來正向能量與祝福。Blessing充滿豐富的甜橙與佛手柑香氣,甜甜的氣味使人聞之產生愉悅感與幸福感。

Blessing Perfume Oil

  • Choose Blessing Essential Oil to gift to someone you want to send blessings to.


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