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Our Christmas Gift Set includes:

- 3 bottles of 5ml Pure Essential Oil Blend including the 2 NEW scents “Yesterday” & “Touching”

- 1 bottle of 10ml Perfume Oil

- 1 Angel-Shaped Passive Diffuser by Annie Kang

- 1 vintage-style Arkitsan’s handmade wooden storage box (can be used as a photo frame, converted into a desk lamp, or for storage)

- 3支5ml Pure Essential Oil Blend. 包括兩支新香氣”Yesterday”和“Touching”

- 1支10ml Perfume Oil

- 1個Annie Kang天使擴香石

- 1個充滿復古經典的Arkitsan手工製作木收納盒(可以做photo frame、加工做成桌燈、收納物件)

Christmas Gift Set 2023

  • 1. 5ML “YESTERDAY”

    Formulated to spread blessing to those suffering worldwide, including humans, animals and the devastated plants and environment.


    Features: Its scent travels from the nose to the throat chakra, heart chakra, and then to the solar plexus (stomach). The aroma brings warmth wherever it passes. Upon entering the body, it evokes a sense of descent and sorrow, followed by a shift to a fresh and sweet scent, bringing a renewed sense of hope and uplifting to a positive feeling.


    When dropped into a diffuser with water, the scent is layered, rich, and transitions in the air, allowing you to smell its more delicate and abundant aroma.


    2. 5ML “TOUCHING”

    Formulated to make people feel strength and positivity again in their hearts, using essential oils associated with the heart meridian and heart chakra.


    Features: The spicy and fresh herbs scent brings a sense of mental stability and support, accompanied by a hint of ylang-ylang and the sweetness of vanilla.


    When dropped into a diffuser with water, it gives off a scent like bubble water, with a hint of Coca-Cola and vanilla ice cream.

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