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Woody Aroma

During the lowest point in Carol's life, she saw herself falling into a black vortex within her heart, her spirit in complete despair. Just as she was about to give up on self-healing, she heard the voice of light. In her inner universe, she witnessed a Jesus light which bringing love, freedom, joy, safety, and peace into her body, "cleansing" it, expelling the sadness and despair from her back. After being "cleansed," she felt herself gently descending and being placed on the water's surface, hearing the sound of the sea. At this moment, her inner universe shimmered with a love-filled pink hue, and she slept on the water's surface. When she opened her eyes, she felt a restoration of strength in her heart, finally able to face life's challenges once again.Inspired by this miraculous experience, Carol decided to blend an essential oil after the gifts that the Magi presented to Jesus in the biblical story: Frankincense, Myrrh, Agarwood, and Sandalwood and named it as Sacred Baptizmo. "Baptizmo" comes from the Greek word "βαπτίζω," meaning to immerse the whole body in water for cleansing, signifying baptism or being baptized.

Carol人生最低潮期曾在心裡看見自己掉入一個黑色漩渦內,靈魂一蹶不振。就在她想放棄療愈自我時,她聽見光的聲音,於內在宇宙看見一道金黃色的耶穌光帶著愛、自由、快樂、安全、和平進入身體“沖洗”,把她悲傷和絕望的情緒從後背驅出。被“沖洗”後,她感覺自己緩緩降落被放在水面上,聽見海水的聲音。這時內在宇宙泛起充滿愛的粉紅色,她躺在水面上睡了一覺。當她睜開眼睛,內心即感覺恢復力量,終於能夠再次面對生命中的難題。Carol為此神奇的經歷,以聖經故事內東方博士送給耶穌的禮物,即乳香、沒藥、沉香及檀香(取代黃金),調配命名為Sacred Baptizmo的精油。Baptizmo 希臘文βαπτίζω,意指全身浸入水中洗滌,是洗禮或受洗的意思。

Sacred Baptizmo 神聖合一

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  • Suitable for use when feeling emotionally unstable and seeking unconditional love and support. If your daily life is too busy, leading to physical and mental exhaustion, and you feel completely drained and unable to express yourself, using it will recharge you from 0% to 80%, like going from a low battery to a high one. It will provide enough energy to help you stay alert and handle the tasks at hand.



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