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Fruity & Woody Aroma

There are times in life when we take the wrong path and feel lost. We might doubt our worth, harbour boundless fears, and lose confidence. Regardless of what we go through, the most important thing is to understand and accept that 30% of that is due to destiny, and actively engage in the 70% that is human effort. Let go of inner attachments, release self-blame and guilt, and use love to dissolve all entanglements. Carol, thus, comprehended and transcended fear and guilt, offering forgiveness and inner peace to herself. Drawing from the inner vision of seeking redemption and forgiveness, she blended Nutmeg, Cypress, Cedarwood, Myrrh, sandalwood, and Lavender to create 'Salvare,' a scent filled with love, support, and forgiveness.


Salvare Perfume Oil

  • Salvare is a scent that is experienced differently by different people, evoking either resistance or acceptance. It has the ability to make one aware of their resistance to it, leading to an understanding of their inner issues and a process of self-adjustment. Once you've addressed these inner issues, when you smell Salvare again, you'll find that the resistance has disappeared. It is suitable for those who want to confront subconscious issues, release love, and feel supported.



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