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Our Story

Healing with scent, spreading love & blessings



A series of essential oil blend products specially created to soothe the body and mind 


About the Founder

自2013年起,品牌创办人Carol林韋君用心钻研萨提尔模式、家族系统排列和臼井灵气(Usui Reiki),并综合所学,编成了一套完整课程,引导学员看见自己,走向身心灵合一。


由于「五感六觉」敏锐,擅于情感连接,她在2021年时,透过嗅觉闻香、连结情绪和感受, 自学自创了一套不拘泥于科学计算的调香模式,并成功设计出一系列可连接记忆和意境的纯天然植物复方精油。


Carol喜欢用香气捕捉意境,对她而言,「不规则」、「不标准」的气味,才是“灵活”且能够疗愈身心灵的香气,而严格挑选天然、有机和来源清晰的材料,便是确保产品质量的关键。经过三年收集用户反馈的过程,Carol's Scent所有产品的疗效已备受肯定, 其纯净独特的香气,可达到「品香」境界。




Since 2013, Carol Lim Hui Koon, the founder, has diligently studied the Satir Model, family system constellations, and Usui Reiki. Integrating her knowledge, she developed a comprehensive course that guides students to see themselves, and move towards a unity of body, mind and soul. 


As Carol is highly attuned to the five senses and sixth sense, making her good at emotion connection, in 2021, she has through self-study and finally came up with a set of scent design and fragrance blending technique that doesn't rely on fixed formula, which then successfully crafted a series of essential oils that can connect with memories and mood. 


Carol likes to capture moments with scents. For her, the scents that are "irregular" and "non-standard" are what she considers to be "flexible" and capable of healing the body, mind, and soul. The strict selection of natural, organic, and transparently sourced materials is key to ensuring the quality of the products. After three years of collecting user feedback, the therapeutic effects of all products from Carol's Scent have been widely recognized, and their pure and distinctive aromas can achieve the pinnacle of fragrance appreciation.


Currently, Carol has also started to teach scent design in the hope that more people can achieve harmony and balance in mind, body and soul, as well as creating their own unique scent with their intuition.


Carol Lim HK


Founder & Scent Designer

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