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Carol's Christmas Soft Launch

聖誕節品香飨宴 . 雅聚


Carol's Christmas Soft Launch

In 2022, a private launch of Carol's Scents Collection was held in a nature-filled private kitchen.

With delicious cuisine served in an environment filled with the aroma of essential oils, Carol's led participants to a sensory-rich experience through "Savoring Fragrance and Taste" lifestyle.

This is an attitude towards life after undergoing the baptism of darkness, leading oneself to start living a more balanced life that is closer to one's inner self and complementing the external world.

2022年, 一場【Carol's 聖誕節品香飨宴•雅聚】,結合美味私廚料理、 特調精油香氣, 在典雅自然綠植的環境,Carol's 以“品香•品味”生活的方式,帶領參與者赴一場豐富感官的享受。

“品香•品味” 生活, 是經過黑暗洗禮後,重新頓出發的生活態度,投入更貼近內在感官、 感受,與外在相輔之平衡生活。

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