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Floral & Sweet Aroma

Carol was inspired by the romantic love depicted in the movie "Pretty Woman" and the theme song "Fallen". This led her to recall the feeling of love at first sight and subsequently create a scent called "Fallen" with a sweet floral scent. The main ingredients of Fallen are Ylang-Ylang and Vanilla essential oils. Its sweet and alluring aroma not only represents the sweetness of romantic love but also entices the senses, exuding a seductive allure. This scent will instil in those who wear it a sense of unwavering devotion toward their chosen love, fostering an intimate relationship that feels natural and fulfilling, embodying sincerity, romance, and a profound connection and ultimately, uniting them as soulmates with their partner. It also bestows blessings upon those who are single and seeking to confess their love.

Carol因電影《Pretty Woman》及電影主題曲《Fallen》的浪漫愛情,而想起一見鍾情的感覺,調配出帶有甜甜花香味的Fallen。Fallen主要材料是依蘭依蘭及香草精油,它們甜甜的誘人香氣,除了代表浪漫愛情的甜蜜,也讓人聞起來分外甜美可口,有調情作用。這香氣讓使用之人堅定摯愛選擇,親密關係如魚得水,並擁有坦誠、浪漫、愛情關係,成為彼此的靈魂伴侶,也祝福單身欲告白之人收穫愛情。

Fallen Perfume Oil

  • "Fallen" is suitable for those who want to relax and have a sweet floral scent, as well as for individuals who want to showcase their tenderness and charm. From a spiritual perspective, it can awaken the energy of the sacral chakra, leading to an increase in sensuality. It is suitable for use before intimate relationships.


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