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Earthy & Woody Aroma

Gaia is the Earth Mother in Greek mythology, who is also well-known as the Mother of the Earth. We rely on Earth Mother, Gaia, to continuously provide us with energy, endlessly nurturing and supporting , allowing us to survive. Gaia, the Earth Mother, bestows upon us the love, strength, and support we need for life; she is the source of life and the foundation of power. When we experience sadness, despair, fear, or anxiety, walking barefoot on the grass allows us to release negative energy into the Earth, recharging our own energy from the land and receiving the support and embrace of Earth Mother. Carol's Gaia scent imparts a serene inner strength and support.


Gaia 生命之源

SKU: 126351351935
  • Suitable for individuals experiencing nasal congestion due to a cold, and those with extremely low energy in need of strength for physical and mental stability. Gaia's scent can assist in relaxing the mood and promoting sleep. Its earthy scent is suitable for purifying the environment, establishing boundaries, creating a protective shield, and providing inner tranquillity and support. Especially helpful in times of fear and anxiety, it aids in grounding oneself.



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