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Forest Aroma

The concept of Iris is inspired by Bukit Jalil Park, so it carries the scents of flowers, plants, trees, cool lakes, and fountains. Iris is the goddess of the rainbow in Greek mythology, she is connecting humans and the gods, serving as a messenger to convey the will of the gods. During a low point in Carol's life, she went to the park to meditate and she saw the fountain creating a rainbow under the sunlight every day. This beautiful sight healed her, and it remained in her heart. Because of this, she chose materials based on the park's scent and blended them to create the scent of the forest, naming it after the rainbow goddess Iris. Iris incorporates rare wild agarwood essential oil, Australian blue cypress, Siberian fir, and other materials to create a rich and layered natural atmosphere.

調香概念來自Bukit Jalil Park,因此Iris的香氣有花草樹木、清涼湖泊、噴泉的味道。而Iris是希臘神話中彩虹女神的名字,她連結人類與眾神,是信使以傳達眾神旨意。Carol在人生低潮期到公園去靜心時,每一天都看見噴泉被太陽光照射出一道彩虹,這美麗的畫面療愈了她,這畫面一直存在於她的心裡,為此她依據公園的氣味選擇材料,而調配出森林的氣味,並以彩虹女神的名字Iris命名。Iris使用罕見野生沉香精油、澳洲藍絲柏、西伯利亞冷杉等材料調配出豐盛層次感的大自然氣息。

Iris Perfume Oil

  • Suitable for use when the skin is very itchy, it can help with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and itch-relief properties, while also balancing the skin condition. If you have enlarged pores, pimples, blackheads, or acne, it can assist in stabilizing and improving the situation. Iris is particularly suitable for those who appreciate aromatic scents because when diffused, it releases a dynamically changing aroma in the air, with at least three different layers of scents. Commercially available scents can be likened to American-style coffee, while Iris's scent is like hand-brewed coffee. Iris is also suitable for purifying the environment, balancing energy, and providing a sense of protection.

    適合在皮膚狠癢時使用,它可幫助消炎、抗菌、止癢,同時可以平衡肌膚狀態。若毛孔粗大,有粉刺、黑頭、痘痘,可協助穩定和改善情況。「守護」特別適合喜歡品味香氣之人,因為擴香時,它是有生命動態的香氣,在空氣中至少變化三種層次的香味。一般市售的香氣可比喻為美式咖啡,「守護 」的香氣就是手冲咖啡。「守護」也適合用於淨化磁場、平衡能量,使人感受到被守護。

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