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Floral & Herbs Aroma

The lesson everyone must learn in their lifetime is "love." In relationships, there are various degrees of love, and one of them is filled with deep affection and blessings. This kind of love doesn't have too many personal desires; it's more about "loving you and wishing you well." As long as the beloved is happy and joyful, one also feels happiness and joy. Cherishing the encounter, the acquaintance, and the mutual understanding, every moment is precious. Carol uses geranium, ylang-ylang, and sweet orange to bring out the sweetness and excitement of this love, mixed with herbs like rosemary, thyme, and oregano, adding more composed blessings and sincerity to this love. The scent of mixed herbs and flowers penetrates the senses and enters the throat and heart. It is a scent that can touch the soul with love.

人一生中要經歷學習的課題是“愛”,而關係裡有各種程度的愛,其中一種愛充滿深情與祝福。這種愛沒有太多私慾,更多的是“愛你就希望你一切安好”,只要所愛幸福快樂,自己也備感幸福與快樂。珍惜相遇、相識、相知,當下分秒都彌足珍貴。Carol 使用天竺葵、依蘭依蘭、甜橙帶出這份愛的甜蜜與心動,混合香草迷迭香、百里香、野馬鬱蘭,讓這份愛有更多的沉著祝福與真摯。香草綜合花的香氣穿透感官進入喉嚨及心裡,是一個能夠觸動靈魂愛的香氣。

Love Perfume Oil

  • Suitable for use when one wishes to feel love or to gift to a loved one to convey the love.


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