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German Chamomile & Chinese Herbs Aroma

During the pandemic, Carol created a blend named "Oceanus" for her close friend L, who loves the sea but couldn't go diving due to lockdown restrictions. The main colors of this blend are derived from the German Chamomile and Blue Yarrow, which form a blue hue. This blend is designed to be calming, pain-relieving, and fever-reducing, aimed at helping L alleviate discomfort from any potential COVID-19 infection and to ease the stress that arose during that time. Carol named this blend as “Oceanus” symbolizing the deep ocean. Oceanus is the god of the sea in Greek mythology who is signifying wisdom, clear thoughts, defined boundaries, careful choices, and the realization of dreams. In addition to the rare and precious German Chamomile and Blue Yarrow, the formula also incorporates sandalwood, giving Oceanus a grounding herbal scent to calm the body and mind.



Oceanus Perfume Oil

  • It can be used for all types of bodily pain. When having fever, massaging with it yields excellent fever-reduction results. For stomach aches, it provides relief from the pain. It can also alleviate headaches and stress. Additionally, it can soothe the skin, such as sunburn; applying it will bring relief, and conditions like redness and peeling won't occur.

    It can also be useful to alleviate stress. When feeling anxious or stressed, it can help to relax and stabilize the inner self.



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