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Woody Aroma

Carol wants to create a scent for parents haunted by long-standing nightmares, providing them with comfort, healing, and reconciliation, allowing them to let go of their inner burdens. The idea of "Reconciliation Oil" flashed through her mind, and she named it after Panacea, the goddess of universal remedy in Greek mythology. In Greek, Panacea is derived from "pan" (all) + "akeia" (cure), meaning "to cure all." Its scent resembles the aroma of a childhood home in the countryside, instantly transporting thoughts back to the sincere and beautiful moments of childhood, surrounded by flowers, plants, and trees. Panacea primarily uses essential oils from Palo Santo, Balsam Fir, Spruce Black, Ho Wood and Blue Cypress etc, harnessing the grounding power of large trees to bring comfort and tranquillity to the soul.

Carol想給長期夢魘的父母,調一個讓心中得以寬慰、療愈、和解,放下內心執著的香氣。腦海閃現“和解油”,因而以古希臘神話中醫藥女神Panacea為名。Panacea 的希臘語 Panakeia(Πανάκεια), 由pan+akeia組成,相當於英語的 all+cure,“治癒一切”的意思。它的香氣像童年老家郊區木板屋的味道,思緒頓時被香氣帶回到童年真摯美好,被花草樹木圍繞的環境。Panacea主要使用聖木、香脂冷杉、黑雲杉、芳樟、藍絲柏等大樹木質精油調配,它充滿大樹紮根安穩身心的力量,為心靈帶來安慰與寧靜。

Panacea Perfume Oil

  • Suitable for those with poor sleep quality or recurring nightmares, Panacea's woody scent helps individuals enter deep sleep, waking up refreshed at dawn.



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